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GIJ UTAG chapter threatens to pull out of UniMAC

The Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) chapter of the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG), which is currently working under the management of University of Media, Arts and Communication (UniMAC), has expressed its disapproval of some of the actions being taken by the management of the newly-established University.

In an eight-point document, the lecturers listed a variety of grievances which they have against the actions of management.

Among other things, they point to the slow pace and the lack of clear structures and clarity in the merger leading to the formation of UniMAC.

They are also unhappy with the “cherry-picking” posture of UniMAC management, where they pick and choose between the UniMAC Act and the GIJ Statutes as and when it favours them.

The lecturers believe that the ultimate source of confusion and arbitrariness on the part of the UniMAC management is the lack of the UniMAC Statute, which will operationalize the Act.

They are convinced that the merger of the various parts of UniMAC cannot proceed without the Statute.

They therefore called on the interim Council to attach much more seriousness to the enactment of the Statute “to forestall the impending confusion and anxiety on our campuses as a result of the excesses of the UniMAC management.”

Further to this, they appealed to the government to release funds to run UniMAC and ease the burden on GIJ, which they said, is bearing the majority of, if not all, the cost associated with running the new university, and hasten the drafting of the UniMAC Statutes.

They also want GIJ funds to be separated from UniMAC funds, with a clear definition of the distinct roles of acting rector of GIJ, registrar who doubles as Vice-Chancellor of UNIMAC as regards the running of GIJ, the integration of UTAG-GIJ/UniMAC into the Interim Council and the ultimate triggering of actions towards the amendment of portions of the UniMAC Act which in their view, threaten academic freedom, independence, and interest of staff.

They gave a deadline of February 28 to the government, Interim Council, and management of UniMAC to heed their demands, lest more drastic actions will be taken.

The members of UTAG-GIJ have also began wearing red armbands on all their campuses to protest what they claim is the unlawful demotion of their members by the management of UniMAC.






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