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GIADEC, Rocksure MRE put Nyinahin Block B bauxite at 375mmt

The Ghana Integrated Aluminium Development Corporation (GIADEC) and Rocksure International have jointly conducted a Mineral Resource Estimate (MRE) revealing that bauxite deposits in Nyinahin Block B’s three hills are estimated to be a minimum of 375 million metric tonnes.

This represents almost appreciable 50% increase from historically estimated figures of around 250 million metric tonnes in hills 4, 5, and 6.

The MRE results indicate a substantial increase in bauxite resources in the Nyinahin area, validating both quantity and quality.

First-ever Minerals Resources Estimate on bauxite

Notably, the results from the MRE represent the first-ever conducted on Ghana’s bauxite resources, a departure from relying solely on historical estimates and projections.

The MRE results were formally presented to President Nana Akufo-Addo at Jubilee House, where he commended GIADEC and Rocksure International for their successful collaboration in advancing the process of constructing a bauxite mine with a refinery solution.

This aligns with the national objective of adding value to bauxite mining in Ghana.

President commends CEOs of GIADEC and Rocksure

President Nana Akufo-Addo congratulated the CEOs of GIADEC, Mr. Michael Ansah, and Rocksure International, Mr. Kwasi Osei Ofori, for their commendable collaboration.

He emphasized the significance of the MRE results, which provide a credible basis for attracting more investors into the industry, improving confidence, and justifying the concept of GIADEC in consolidating bauxite resources under one entity.

Attracting more investors, bolstering investor confidence

President Akufo-Addo expressed optimism that this would enhance the Integrated Aluminium Industry, attracting more investors and bolstering investor confidence.

Value addition processes

The President tasked GIADEC to ensure that the value addition processes, including refining raw bauxite into alumina, smelting alumina into aluminum, and developing the downstream industry, are conducted in Ghana with active participation from Ghanaian companies.

Representing the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, Deputy Minister Mr. George Mireku Duker assured continuous support from the Ministry towards the development of the Integrated Aluminium Industry.

GIADEC CEO, Mr. Ansah, expressed gratitude for the President’s support and revealed plans for similar MREs in other operational areas before mine activity commences.

He also announced that GIADEC, in the coming weeks, will reveal a reputable European firm partnering with the Corporation for Project 3A, involving the development of a mine in Nyinahin Block C and construction of a refinery.

Rocksure International’s CEO, Mr. Kwasi Osei Ofori, emphasized that the completion of the MRE demonstrates Ghanaian companies’ ability to compete globally, echoing the President’s call.

This development marks a significant step forward for Ghana’s bauxite sector and the Integrated Aluminium Industry, showcasing the country’s commitment to harnessing and validating its abundant bauxite resources.


In a significant move towards advancing Ghana’s Integrated Aluminium Industry (IAI), GIADEC announced in September 2021 the selection of Rocksure International as its strategic partner for Project 2, one of four key projects defining the IAI.

Rocksure International’s selection followed a rigorous and competitive three-round investor engagement process initiated in 2019.

The process began with expressions of interest from approximately 40 companies.

Subsequently, 14 companies were shortlisted to progress to the second round, with five advancing to the final round.

After the official announcement, Rocksure International commenced a Mineral Resource Estimate (MRE) in Nyinahin Block-B, specifically in Hills 4, 5, and 6, aimed at validating and defining the bauxite resources in the area.

Ghana’s bauxite resources are estimated to be around 900 million metric tonnes, with concentrations in three main areas.

Awaso in the Western-North region boasts 60 million metric tonnes, Kyebi in the Eastern region holds 160 million metric tonnes, and Nyinahin in the Ashanti Region has the highest bauxite resources of 700 million metric tonnes.

The validation of bauxite resources in parts of the Nyinahin area through an MRE represents a significant step for Ghana. It marks the first time the country is actively taking measures to validate all of its bauxite resources across the nation.

This move aligns with Ghana’s commitment to ensuring transparency, accuracy, and sustainable utilization of its valuable mineral resources.

Rocksure International’s involvement as a strategic partner underscores the competitiveness and capability of Ghanaian companies on the global stage.

The successful collaboration with GIADEC signifies a step forward in achieving the goals set out in the IAI and strengthens Ghana’s position as a key player in the global aluminium industry.

This strategic partnership and the validation of bauxite resources pave the way for future developments in the Integrated Aluminium Industry, contributing to the economic growth and sustainable development of Ghana.


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