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TDC says Community 5 land is not earmarked as a football park

A recent search conducted at the Development Company Limited (TDC) has brought to light a contentious land issue in Tema Community 5, which the residents claim that the disputed area is a football park or recreation center.

Documents obtained byNewscenta  from TDC revealed that the land in question, spanning 0.48 acres, was legally acquired in 1984.

Information indicates that the land was first acquired by Dr E. K Quashie in 1984 who subsequently sold it to Ernest Arthur in 2002.

However, in 2014, the current owners of the land Mr. Vincent Okyere Akomeah and Rosemary Okyere acquired it from Ernest Arthur.

The TDC documentation obtained by Newscenta  includes a Statement of Account confirming that the owners have consistently paid rent since they were granted right of entry in 1984.

The land is intended for the construction of a school by the owners.

A development permit certificate, dated September 6, 2023, has been issued by the Tema West Municipal Assembly, permitting the construction of a fence wall on the property.

However, tensions arose when the owners attempted to commence construction on the land with machines.

Residents, insisting that the area has been used for football activities for several years, vehemently opposed the construction, claiming it is a community park.

Notably, the residents were unable to produce any documented evidence supporting their assertion that the land was designated as a community park.

In response to the escalating tension, TDC has intervened, instructing the owners to halt construction temporarily.

TDC aims to facilitate a forum where it will provide the residents with all the necessary documents to clarify the land’s ownership status.

TDC believes that this transparent disclosure will dispel any doubts in the minds of the residents, allowing the owners to proceed with their plans to build a school on the land.

The unfolding situation emphasizes the importance of thorough documentation and legal verification in addressing land disputes.

The forum to be organized by TDC is anticipated to serve as a platform for open dialogue and resolution in the Tema Community 5 land conflict.

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