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Over 13.8m seedlings distributed for 2024 Green Ghana Day

Seedlings totaling over 13.8 million (13,875,286) seedlings have been distributed for this year’s Green Ghana Day.
Chief Executive of the Forestry Commission, Mr. John Allotey, made this known during a press briefing on the Green Ghana Day 2024, at the Forestry Commission Auditorium.
According to him, GGD is to help create awareness on the need to restore our degraded forest landscapes collectively and contribute to the global efforts at fighting climate change.
The Chief Executive gave a presentation on seedling distribution figures across the regions and districts, types and species of seedlings distributed, planting sites and a general overview of preparations FC made before GGD, and how GGD 2024 was observed across the country.
According to him, FC is available to provide all the necessary support and technical advice to those who picked up and planted the seedlings to enable them properly nurture the seedlings.
In his presentation, he mentioned that 13 out of the 16 regions were able to distribute seedlings above their respective planting targets.
Greater Accra, Upper East and North East Regions, however, distributed below their planting targets.
He explained that North East and Upper East Regions distributed few seedlings to individuals and observed ceremonial planting because they did not experience enough rainfalls prior to GGD, so they were told to hold on for the rains before they plough and plant.
The seedlings are at the Forest Services Division (FSD) nurseries, awaiting favorable weather conditions for distribution and planting.
However, Greater Accra Region could not distribute their target because people were more interested in fruits, and ornamental seedlings and not interested in timber tree seedlings.
He touched on the different categories of species of tree seedlings distributed and the percentage distributed for timber, fruit, multipurpose, shade/ornamentals
According to him, 23 different species of timber were distributed; 13 different types of fruit seedlings were distributed; 6 types of Multipurpose and 19 types of shade seedlings were distributed across the country.
He mentioned that one of FC’s key stakeholders is the churches such as the Church of Pentecost, Presbyterian, Catholic, Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) and Methodist, as they engaged the Commission prior to the GGD, and granted interviews on their media spaces.
In his presentation, he mentioned that the Church of Pentecost collected 92,356 seedlings, Presbyterian Church of Ghana collected 69,455 seedlings, and 27,579 seedlings were distributed to the Catholic Church, whiles 26,614 seedlings were given to the SDA, with Methodist Church collecting 14,064 seedlings for planting.
He appreciated the private sector for their significant contributions towards the GGD. “We had some sponsors from the private sector companies who contributed seedlings and helped with the movement of seedlings from one location to another. We are happy for their contribution towards GGD”. he emphasised.
He added that the next important steps to take would be, visiting areas where seedlings were planted to monitor and give technical advice so that seedlings would be nurtured to grow well.
He appealed to all those who picked up seedlings to plant in their homes and compounds, to ensure that they nurture them well to maturity.
He used the opportunity to thank the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Samuel A. Jinapor, MP; Chairman of GGD National Planning Committee, Benito Owusu Bio; the Board Members, the Executive Director for the Forest Services Division (FSD), Mr. Hugh Brown; District and Regional Managers and staff of various divisions especially, the FSD for their efforts in seedling acquisition and distribution.
He also thanked the media, for their support and contribution towards a successful Green Ghana Day.

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