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ECG calls for protection of vital assets at South Dayi District

The Volta Regional Manager of the Electricity Company of Ghana Limited (ECG), Ms. Christiana Jatoe-Kaleo, has called for the protection of vital ECG assets.
She made the call while the District Chief Executive of South Dayi and his key officers at the District Assembly in Kpeve, the District capital.
Ms. Jatoe-Kaleo underscored the pressing need for collaborative efforts to combat rampant cable thefts and the burning of power poles, key factors contributing to some outages experienced in the region.
She emphasized the importance of community vigilance in safeguarding ECG properties, including poles, transformers, and conductors, to ensure an uninterrupted power supply.
During the meeting, Ms. Jatoe-Kaleo also shed light on the dangers of electrocution, cautioning against risky behaviours that could potentially lead to fatal consequences.
She urged residents to promptly report faults and incidents involving fallen poles or cables to the ECG helplines and district managers, emphasizing the imperative of safety protocols during adverse weather conditions.
In response, the District Chief Executive, Honourable Godwin K. Dadzawa, pledged the Assembly’s commitment to instituting by-laws aimed at curbing the incidence of burnt poles and cable thefts, thereby fortifying the resilience of the electrical infrastructure in the district.
Ms. Jatoe-Kaleo further assured the district of ECG’s forthcoming educational initiatives to enhance public awareness of safety measures and prevent accidents.
She also appealed to the MCE and his key officers to settle outstanding bills promptly, emphasizing the critical role of financial stability in ensuring a consistent, reliable, and secure electricity supply for all residents.
The collaborative efforts between ECG and the District Assembly stand as a beacon of hope, fostering a united front in the protection of ECG assets and the preservation of public safety.
Through education and community engagement, a resilient framework is being forged to uphold the reliability and sustainability of the region’s electrical network.

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