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Yvonne Nelson: Death threats sent me into hiding for 2 weeks 

Actress Yvonne Nelson has detailed death threats she received for organising ‘Dumsor Must Stop’ protest from people who felt I was making the government unpopular.

According to her, in the aftermath of the massively attended protest, she had to abandon her home for two weeks as she was trailed by unknown persons who staked her gated community home.

In her sensational new book, ‘I am not Yvonne Nelson,’ she said, “two weeks after the protest, I didn’t sleep in my house. While away, a neighbour once called me and said some Toyota SUVs had parked outside my home and their occupants were peering into my compound.”

But, for the high wall, I guess they might have entered. The gated residential community where I lived at the time came under intense scrutiny,” the actress divulged.

The actress  also talked about how the estate developer in whose edifice she resided was accused of not having electricity metres in some of the apartments and was therefore arrested and detained.

According to her, she escaped any such actions as she had acquired a metre so could not be nabbed under such pretexts.

“No matter how hard they looked, they couldn’t find anything to implicate or incriminate me. After some time, they left me alone, and I returned home,” revealed

She disclosed how the former President, John Dramani Mahama, tried to meet her for a discussion just prior to the ‘Dumsor Must Stop’ protest which captured the imagination of the country in mid-2015.

The ‘Dumsor Must Stop’ protest was organised and led by Nelson and her celebrity colleagues to protest against the devastating power outages which had plagued the Ghanaian populace since early 2013.

According to extracts of the explosive book, “I also received calls from the office of President John Dramani Mahama.”

The callers she claimed, said the president wanted to meet her, “but I told them I would only meet with the president on condition that my fellow organisers of the protest would be part of that meeting.”

The said officials from the presidency were adamant that she meet the president alone.

“I stood my ground, stating that if the president was not prepared to meet me with my colleagues, then the meeting was not going to happen.”

Her refusal to budge on this point ultimately led to the meeting not coming off.  In her own words, “it did not happen.”

She also gave details about how she had received a torrent of pressure from family members who tried to talk her out of organising the protest just a few days to the day.

She wrote, “I remember my father, Mr Nelson, called me one morning and, without even greeting me, asked me to drop the protest. He said the Nelson name had become embroiled in a national controversy because of my intended action.”


Her foray into the civil space brought her unforeseen and unwanted attention from political quarters as she revealed that she received 

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