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Arrivals: 1,051 board flights to Ghana using Ghanacard

Data compiled by the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) shows that some 1,051 Ghanaian arrivals at Kotoka International Airport (KIA) boarded flights from various countries around the world to Ghana using Ghanacard.

Monthly arrivals

The monthly arrivals are January – 125, February – 330, March – 521, April – 39, May – 32 and June – 4.

January 3 and June 29, 2022

They boarded the flights to the country between January 3 and June 29, 2022.

GIS has desk that Ghanacard holders

Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) has a booth at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA), which processes Ghanaian holders of the Ghanacard returning home.

21 airlines

A total of 21 airlines allowed Ghanaians to use Ghanacard to board at various destinations around the world to Ghana.

Number of passengers each airline brought to Ghana

The airlines and the number of Ghanaians using Ghanacard that they brought into the country during the period are; Emirates-554, Air France – 80, KLM – 123, British Airways – 76, Ethiopian Airlines – 67, United Airlines – 42, Delta Airways – 28, ASKY Airlines – 14, Brussels Airlines – 12 and African World Airlines-10.

The rest are Kenya Airways – 9, South African Airways – 6, Egypt Air – 6, Qatar Airways – 6, Turkish Airlines – 4, Air Cote D’Ivoire – 4, Tap Air Portugal – 3, Air Burkina – 1, Middle East Airlines – 1, Royal Air Maroc – 1 and Rwand Air – 1.

Monthly arrivals for Emirates

The monthly arrivals for Emirates are; January – 37, February – 176, March – 300, April – 2 and May – 3.

Monthly arrivals for KLM  

For KLM, the monthly arrivals are January – 22, February –43, March – 34, April – 13, May – 9 and June – 2.

Monthly arrivals for Air France 

In respect of air France, the monthly figures are; January – 19, February – 47, March – 8, April -2 and May – 4.

Monthly arrivals for British Airways ‘

According to the data, British Airways brought monthly figures as; January -8, February – 14, March – 38, April – 11, May – 4 and June – 1.

Monthly arrivals for Ethiopian Airlines

The monthly breakdown for Ethiopian Airlines arrivals are February -26 March – 40 and April – 1.

Monthly arrivals for United Airlines 

Per the records, United Airlines brought monthly passengers as; January – 3, February – 20, March – 16, April – 1, May – 1 and June -1.

Monthly arrivals for Delta Airways 

Delta Airways’ monthly arrivals are; February – 3, March – 20, April – 3 and May – 2.

Monthly arrivals for ASKY Airlines

ASKY Airlines flew in 14 Ghanaians who used Ghanacard to board all in the month of March.

Monthly arrivals for Brussels Airline  

In three months, Brussels Airlines   brought in passengers as; March – 5, April -2 and May – 5.

Monthly arrivals for African World Airlines

In March, African World Airlines also flew into Ghana 10 passengers who boarded with Ghanacard.

Monthly arrivals for Kenya Airways 

Kenya Airways   also allowed 9 Ghanaians to embark from other countries to Ghana in March.

Monthly arrivals for South African Airways 

Monthly arrivals for South African Airways are; March – 5 and May – 1.

Monthly arrivals for Egypt Air 

In the two months that Egypt Air brought in such passengers, the figures are March – 5 and May – 1.

Monthly arrivals for Turkish Airlines            

For Turkish Airlines, the monthly arrivals are; February – 1, March – 2 and May – 1.

Monthly arrivals for Air Cote D’Ivoire, Tap Air Portugal 

Air Cote D’Ivoire brought four passengers in March while Tap Air Portugal recorded three arrivals in the same month of March.

4 airlines recorded 1 passenger each

Four airlines recorded figures as follows; Royal Air Maroc one passenger in March, Rwand Air, one passenger in March, Middle East Airlines, one passenger  in May  and Air Burkina one passenger in April.

International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), in February 2022, officially  announced the Ghanacard as meeting the requirements for an international travel document, which means holders of the card, once Ghana enters into bilateral agreements with individual nations, will be able to use the Ghanacard as a travel document to those countries with electronic visas.

Vice-President revealed in November 2021 during a lecture at Ashesi University that processes had been completed for the Ghanacard to be recognised as an international travel document by the ICAO the global body that certifies means of international travel identification.

Until that, the GhanaCard can now be used as a travel document by all holders returning to Ghana from airports around the world.

Following this, Ghana Airports Company Limited (GACL) sent announcement has been sent to all airports and airlines on the use of the Ghana Card as an acceptable International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) compliant Machine Readable Travel Document (MRTD) for Ghanaians for international travel to all Ghanaian airports.

Travellers can verify the cards at airports and with airlines to travel directly to Ghana from anywhere in the world.

Also, Ghanaians can travel to countries that enter into agreements with Ghana to permit the use of the Ghana Card to travel to their countries as has been agreed amongst Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) countries whose cards meet the ECOWAS Machine Readable Travel Document (MRTD) e-passport ICAO compliant specifications and put in the right legal regime.


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