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Road crashes: 1,443 killed in 7 months of 2022 in Ghana

Provisional data compiled by the Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) of the Ghana Police Service (GPS) shows that the number of commuters killed in road traffic crashes recorded in the first seven months of 2022 declined 15.42% compared to the same period of 2021.

An improvement in enforcement by the MTTD and increase in awareness creation by the National Road Safety Authority (NRSA) are largely responsible for the reduction.

1,443 fatalities

It dropped from 1,706 fatalities between January and July last year to 1,443 during the same period this year.

1,144 males killed

The data also shows that 1,144 males made up of 128 below the ages of 18 and 1,016 who are 18 years and above were killed.

299 females killed

Similarly, 299 females comprising 65 who are 18 years and below, as well as 234 aged 18 years and above, also died from road crashes.

Motorcycles kill 596 (41.3%)

Motorcycles killed the highest number of commuters totalling 596, representing 41.3%.

Commercial vehicles kill 496 (34.4%)

It is followed by commercial vehicles which killed 496 commuters, representing 34.4%.

Private vehicles kill 351 (24.3%)

Also, private vehicles claimed the lives of 351, representing 24.3%.

Pedestrian knockdowns kill 412 (28.5%)

Out of the 1,443 fatalities, 412 representing 28.5% resulted from pedestrian knockdowns.

412 pedestrians killed (9.20% decline)

Pedestrians killed in the seven months of this year recorded 9.20% decline to 412 compared to the 502 killed during the same period last year.

9,218 injured – 0.87% decline

Similarly, the number of persons injured also recorded 0.87% drop from 9,299 last year to 9,218 during the same period this year.

15,239 (6.08% decline), in vehicles involved in roach crashes

In the same vein, vehicles involved in road crashes also reduced by 6.08% from, 16,226 last year, to 15,239 this year.

8,869 (6.84%) decrease in reported cases

For reported cases, the figure also decreased by 6.84% from 9,520 last year to 8,869 this year.

5,250 (8.31%) decrease in commercial vehicles crashes

Regarding the proportions of vehicles involved in crashes, commercial vehicles decreased by 8.31% to 5,250 this year from 5,726 recorded last year.

Commercial vehicles account for 34.5%.of crashes

When it comes to the proportion of total vehicles involved in crashes, commercial vehicles account for 34.5%.

3,198 (12.88% decline) in motorcycles involved in crashes

The proportions of motorcycles involved in crashes this year also fell by 12.88% from 3,671 last year to 3,198 this year.

Motorcycles account for 20.9% of all crashes

This makes the proportion of motorcycles involved in total crashes between January and July this year 20.9%.

6,791 private vehicles involved in crashes

In respect of private vehicles, the proportion involved in crashes rose to 6,791 this year from 6,829 recorded last year.

Private vehicles accounts for 44.6% of crashes

For percentages, private vehicles constitute 44.6% of total crashes this year.

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