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Two Togolese arrested for attempting to register as voters

Two Togolese nationals were arrested by the police in the Buem Constituency of the Jasikan District for allegedly attempting to register as voters in the ongoing voter registration exercise.

The arrests occurred on Sunday, May 19, 2024, around 4 PM.

The two Togolese were reportedly brought into the country by executives of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to participate in the registration process.

According to reports, the two Togolese were part of a larger group facilitated by NDC constituency executives. Upon the arrival of security personnel, the remaining members of the group fled the scene.

The arrested duo is currently in police custody at the Jasikan Divisional Police Command, where they are aiding investigations.

This incident has prompted concerns about the integrity of the voter registration process, particularly under the current guarantor system.

Accusations have surfaced, alleging that NDC executives are exploiting the guarantor system to fraudulently register foreign nationals.

In response to the arrests, the NDC Constituency Chairman and Organizer are reportedly attempting to secure bail for the detained individuals.

The episode has intensified scrutiny over the guarantor system, with critics questioning its effectiveness and the motivations behind the NDC’s strong support for its continued use.

The NDC leadership has consistently opposed the Electoral Commission’s efforts to replace the guarantor system with the GhanaCard as the primary identification method for voter registration in Ghana.

The police are closely monitoring the situation as investigations continue, and the incident has sparked a broader debate on voter registration protocols and electoral integrity in the country.


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