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Policeman cuts off ear of suspect in torturous interrogation

Policeman cuts off ear of suspect in torturous interrogation

In a shocking turn of events, Detective Corporal Clement Suputour faces allegations of gruesome torture, accused of clipping and chopping off the ear of Judith Yaa Kumah during police interrogations.

The incident unfolded on February 29, 2024, at the Tema Community 8 Police station.

According to reports, the ordeal began when Judith’s boyfriend was apprehended by law enforcement.

Seeking answers, Judith ventured to the police station, only to find herself detained alongside her partner.

Andrew Nii Adjei Khartey, Judith’s legal representative, detailed the harrowing experience, recounting how Detective Corporal Suputour transferred Judith to the Community 8 police station without explanation of her alleged crime.

At Community 8 station, Detective Corporal Suputour proceeded to interrogate Judith, pressing her about an individual named Survivor, whom she denied knowing.

The policeman said Judith looks like a suspect captured on CCTV during a robbery incident.

However, the interrogation took a violent turn when Suputour purportedly used a perforator to clip Judith’s ears, tearing her right ear in the process.

Despite Judith’s pleas, Detective Corporal Suputour allegedly continued the interrogation, even threatening to sever her remaining ear if she did not confess to being involved in a robbery captured on CCTV.

Subsequently, Judith was taken to the police clinic at Tema Community 2, albeit delayed, where attempts to repair her ear proved futile.

Remarkably, upon return from the hospital Detective Corporal Suputour persisted with the interrogation, compelling Judith to sign a statement under duress, falsely implicating her in the robbery.

Dressed in a hooded attire to conceal her injuries, Judith was promptly processed for court on March 1, 2024.

However, her lawyer on March 8, 2024, when Judith was brought back to court, highlighted the brutality inflicted by Detective Corporal Suputour.

Though Judith was granted bail, she remained in custody as she was unable to meet the exorbitant bail amount of GH₵400,000 set by the court.

Further complicating matters, it emerged that Judith underwent a pregnancy test during her detention, yielding positive results.

The test revealed that Judith was about five weeks pregnant at the time of her arrest, adding another layer of concern to her unjust incarceration.

Despite legal hurdles and delays orchestrated by the police, Judith’s lawyer persevered, eventually securing the test results and prompting the court to revise her bail conditions.

Finally, after nearly a month in custody, Judith was released last Monday, albeit with lingering physical and emotional scars from her traumatic ordeal.

Judith’s Lawyer, Andrew Nii Adjei Khartey, has petitioned the Inspector General of Police demanding investigations into the allegations against Detective Corporal Suputour.

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