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NLA plans sustained crackdown on GH₵‎350m illegal lotto business 

The National Lottery Authority (NLA) is to embark on a sustained clampdown on illegal lottery operators, popularly referred to as Banker to Banker.

GH₵350m illegal lottery market

The illegal lottery business in Ghana estimated at GH₵‎350 million a year is depriving the government of the needed revenue.

Director General of NLA Sammi Awuku who issued the warning at a meeting with media practitioners served notice that pleas from opinion leaders and politicians on behalf of persons who will be arrested will not be entertained.

National Lottery Authority

Manufacturing, distributing, selling or retailing lotto products and services without authorization from the National Lottery Authority are unlawful under Act 722 and L.I. 1948.

Estimated GH₵1bn Ghana lottery market

The total lottery market in Ghana is estimated at about GH₵1 billion annually.

NLA raked in GH₵290m in 2022

In the 2022 financial year, NLA, the state owned lottery operator generated some GH₵290 million from the business.

NLA targets GH₵370m this year

Mr Awuku announced that this year, NLA is projecting to rake in GH₵370 million.

GH₵300m for 12 licenced Private Lotto Operators

The remaining GH₵300 million is expected to be made by some 12 Private Lotto Operators (PLOs) licenced by NLA this year.

Sustained clamp down

The NLA Director General announced that a joint team comprising NLA, Finance Ministry, Ghana Revenue (GRA), National Security will embark on the sustained clamp down including unannounced swoops.

He revealed that NLA’s Legal Department has started writing to some companies identified as operating illegal lotto to desist from it and go through the stipulated process to legalise their operations.

He explained that these are part of comprehensive measures lined up to streamline lotto business operations in Ghana.

Some illegal lotto operators financing politicians

Mr Awuku disclosed that some illegal lotto operators are financing activities of politicians of both sides of the divide in Ghana.

“The problem with the Ghanaian situation is that if you arrest somebody, the person knows somebody – a politician somewhere or an influential person somewhere.

“And I can tell you, when it comes to these illegal operators, they are financing activities of politicians of both sides of the divide, so once one of them is in your grip, you have this loyal political member calling and talking to you, but this year it’s time to move beyond this,” he added.

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