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NIA extends premium registration to 5 additional regions

The National Identification Authority (NIA)  extends premium registration services to five new regions, bringing to six the total number of regions that offer the service.

In total, this would mean that the NIA now has 10 centres offering the premium card registration service, with the Greater Accra Region already having two centres in the Greater Accra region, (one at the NIA Head Office and the other the Cal Bank Head Office), with the Ashanti, Eastern and Western Region having one each.

NIA extends premium registration 

The new premium centres, which have already begun operations, will be located in the Volta, Bono, Bono East, Northern and Western North Region offices.

The new centres will offer the following fee-based services:

First -time registration and issuance of a Ghana card, which will cost GH₵280, replacement of lost, missing or damaged cards at a cost of GH₵110, and the updating of records that require the printing o a new card which will attract a fee of GH₵110.

Services which fall under the latter category include: change or correction of applicant’s name; change or correction of the order of an applicant’s name; Correction or addition of applicant’s previous name or maiden name.

Others include the correction of applicant’s date of birth; change or correction of applicant’s nationality; correction of applicant’s gender and the change or correction of applicant’s height.

Over 2.5 million (2,565,705) Ghanaians are unable to register their SIM cards because the National Identification Authority (NIA) is yet to register and issue them Ghana cards.

This represents 13% of the 19.5 million (19,951,253) population aged 15 years and above that qualifies to be registered.

In addition, many registered for more than one year but due to a backlog, their cards have not been printed, let alone issued to them.

Registration statistics as of March 3, 2023 published on the NIA website shows that 17.3 million (17,385,548) out of 19.5 million (19,951,253) people aged 15 years plus have been registered.

It means over 2.5 million (2,565,705) people are yet to be registered.

Out of the 17.3 million (17,385,548) registered, 16.7 million (16,753,909) Ghana Cards have been printed.

Of the printed Ghana Cards, 16.1 million (16,111,846) have been issued to their owners.

This means 642,063 cards printed have not been collected by their owners.

As of March 1, 2023, there was a backlog of 541,529  but this has largely been printed




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