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NHIA to enforce mandatory health insurance for all visitors to Ghana

The National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA) is set to introduce compulsory health insurance for all visitors entering Ghana.
This new policy will require all travelers, including those with Ghanaian heritage who hold nationality in other countries, to purchase health insurance before their arrival.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NHIA Dr. Dr. Da-Costa Aboagye, announced this shift during an interaction with media personnel.
He explained that the policy would ensure visitors are assigned specific health facilities where they can seek medical care during their stay in the country.
He sees health insurance for visitors to Ghana as a crucial step towards achieving universal health coverage.
The mandatory health insurance will cover emergency medical care expenses if the traveler falls suddenly and unexpectedly ill or is involved in an accident.
This travel medical insurance will not only provide necessary healthcare coverage for visitors but also support the broader goal of enhancing healthcare accessibility and quality in Ghana.
The implementation of this policy underscores NHIA’s commitment to protecting the health of all individuals within the country’s borders and ensuring a robust healthcare system for residents and visitors alike.

“The government is committed to ensuring our visitors coming to this country. By our Acts, non-Ghanaians are supposed to have insurance, to achieve Universal health coverage. So we are putting measures in place to ensure that, our visitors coming to this country will also have mandatory health insurance.

“We are working out the modalities. The National Health Insurance Authority is working on the modalities and very soon it will be implemented.” Dr. Aboagye Da Costa stated.

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