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NHIA clears GH₵1bn arrears in 2023 alone   

 The National Health Authority (NHIA) clears arrears totaling over GH₵1 billion (GHC1, 082,469,525.1) in claims in 2023 alone.

GH₵977.4m paid to clear 2022 arrears

A total of GH₵‎977.4 million (GH₵‎977,469,525.1) covers claims arrears for June to December 2022.

GH₵105m paid for January 2023

The remaining GH₵‎105 million (GH₵‎105,000,000) covers claims for January 2023.

GH₵542.5m paid to govt hospitals

Government hospitals received the largest amount of GH₵‎542.5 million (GH₵‎542,504,239.38) for the seven month period, representing 50.12%

GH₵334.5m paid to private health facilities

Private health facilities were paid cumulative GH₵334.5 million (GH₵334,570,675.64) which represents 31.19%.

GH₵190.8m paid to missions

Health facilities owned by missions such as Christian Health Association of Ghana (CHAG), health facilities owned by Ghana Muslims Mission among others also received  GH₵190.8 million (GH₵190,812,574.70). This represents 17.63%.

GH₵14.5m paid to Quasi-public health facilities

Quasi-public health facilities which includes Police Hospital, 37 Military Hospital among others were also paid GH₵14.5 million (GH₵14,593,894.75) representing 1.35%

GH₵102.2m paid in January

On January 24, 2023, NHIA paid (GH₵102.2 million (GH₵102, 268, 537.39) as arrears for June 2022.

GH₵128.1m paid in February

A month later the Authority on February 24, 2023 released an amount of        GH₵128.1 million (GH₵128,192,534.42) to service provider as claims payment covering July 2022.

GH₵140m paid in March

Similarly, an amount of GH₵140 million (GH₵140,080,552.14) was paid on March 24, 2023 to cover claims for August 2022.

GH₵230.1m paid in April

The Authority on April 28, 2023 paid service providers GH₵230.1 million (GH₵230,160, 730.36) to clear claims arrears for September 2022.

GH₵169.8m paid in May

Again, an amount of GH₵‎169.8 million (GH₵‎169, 841, 416.70) was paid on May 30, 2023 to cover arrears for November 2022.

GH₵206.9m paid in June

On June 30, 2023, NHIA made payment of GH₵‎206.9 million (GH₵‎206,925,754.09) to service providers to clear arrears for December 2022.

GH₵105m paid in January 2023

In the same, the Authority made payment of GH₵‎105 million (GH₵‎105,000,000) on July 7, 2023 to clear claims for January 2023.

NHIA clears arrears 

Per the law, a submitted application for claims shall be processed within a minimum of 90 days by the Authority if NHIA clears arrears on time.

This means that for the first time in several years, the Scheme is back to the accepted 90-day arrears window.

What this payment meant is that healthcare providers are owed only two months of claims for February and March 2023.

Over the years, previous management teams have had to traverse the difficult path of pooling funds from the Ministry of Finance (MoF) to pay for claims.

Though Out Patients Department (OPD) cases and membership in the Scheme have seen some upward trends coupled with the tariff adjustments, the NHIA now pays on average between GH₵150 and GH₵200 million per month as claims reimbursements.

17.2m membership

As of the end of 2022,   NHIS had an active membership of 17.2 million, representing approximately 55% of the population which is the highest since the inception of the Scheme.

4,500 health facilities

NHIA has credentialed over 4,500 health facilities across the country comprising Public, Private, Quasi, and Faith-based facilities with a variety of levels as Community-based Health Planning and Services (CHPS), Health Centres, Pharmacies, Diagnostic Centres, Primary Hospitals, Secondary and Tertiary with the very latest being the International Maritime Hospital (GH) LTD (IMaH) in Tema Community One





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