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Many subscribers angry over fraudulent SIM registration

as they discover unknown phone numbers linked to their Ghana Cards

The fraudulent registration of subscriber identity module (SIM) Card is turning out to be widespread and this has made many subscribers angry.

As subscribers dial the short code *420*1# to check the total number of phone numbers linked to their Ghana card, many have discovered that the National Communication Authority’s (NCA) SIM registration has exposed them to identity fraudsters.

Some subscribers have discovered that as high as 18 phone numbers not known to them have been linked to their Ghana Cards.

Many subscribers angry about the situation, took to social media sharing what they have discovered using the short code.

Identity theft is often a pre-cursor to fraud.

The dangerous aspect of this whole situation is that in the event that the numbers linked to Ghana Cards without the knowledge of the actual owners are used for fraud, investigations will lead to the arrest and prosecution of the innocent people.

When identity thieves strike, most people worry about the headache involved in clearing their names and securing their finances.

Identity theft happens when fraudsters access enough information about someone’s identity (such as their name, date of birth, current or previous addresses) to commit a fraud.

The failure to use real time verification platform of the National Identifications Authority’s database during SIM registration is responsible for the unfolding saga.

Because the NIA platform is fully biometric (using face and finger prints), it ensures that every transaction is linked to one biometric verifiable identity and therefore any phone number linked to a Ghana Card must be confirmed by a person’s biometrics.

Zero risk of identity fraud

In this case, there is almost zero risk that a person’s SIM card data can be tagged with other numbers or his/her identity appropriated and used for illegal purposes.

Every individual with a phone who has a Ghana Card already has his or her biometrics captured by NIA and stored in the National Identity Register (NIR) connected to the Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS), which stores and processes fingerprints,  faces and iris.

Reducing fraud drastically

The NIA platform if deployed would verify and authenticate the data of all customers without human intervention or involvement in real time thereby reducing fraud drastically.

In this way, it would be almost impossible for identity fraudsters to use the Ghana Cards of other people to register multiple SIM cards.

This confirms a market survey conducted by Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) which discovered that some individuals are selling SIM cards that have been pre-registered with the Ghana Cards of others at a cost of GH¢10 and GH¢20.

The theft of Ghana Card data and identity by some unscrupulous actors has exposed the weakness in the SIM registration process.

Scanning through Facebook, The Finder came across posts from many subscribers angry about the situation.

The following are among many people who discovered that strange numbers have been linked to their Ghana Cards and shared the details on Facebook.

Muftawu Nabila Abdulai

Checked my details and realised this Vodafone Ghana number has been registered with my Ghana Card.

Quite shocking errr… Called the number and it’s switched off.

Kwame Nkrumah Jnr

Airteltigo has used my Ghana card to register two other people am not privy to.

Two numbers AirtelTigo used my Ghana card to register for. Try sending Momo and my name pops up. I registered it at Kasoa Tigo office.

Peggy Ama Nhyira Donkor

I just checked. Looks like I have 1 more number against my name. I need to check with the service provider.

Mohammed Muntala

I just checked too. I have one unknown Vodafone number linked to my Ghana Card.

Nana Ama Adutwumwaa Morosah

My Vodafone has been registered for 2 other lines

Allswell Quarshie

Extra Vodafone numbers have been registered in my name which I have no idea.

The numbers aren’t mine, I’m struggling to understand how my Ghana Card which is safely in my custody was used to register those sims, incredibly.

Moses Babelduo

I have checked but one number be wey dey inside wey eno be my one I try calling the person the number is off.

Princess Law

This SIM registration diaaaaaa. Eeeeiii I don’t use Airtel Tigo   How come my Ghana card was used to register that number. The matter chop hot

Salihu Shu’aibu Sadauki

Just checked mine fortunately or unfortunately I have three (3) other numbers (Vodafone) which are not mine linked to my card.

Dacosta Boakye

After using the short code, these are the numbers registered with my Ghana card.

In this case, 18 different numbers have been linked to his Ghana Card though he uses only one MTN and two Vodafone SIM cards.

Though he does not use AirtelTigo, six AirtelTigo numbers have been linked to his card.

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