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Ghana Link, CUPIA of Korea to deploy ICUMS across West Africa

Ghana Link Network Services, operators of the Integrated Customs Management System (ICUMS), has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for further cooperation with the developers of the single window system, Customs Uni-Pass International Agency (CUPIA) of South Korea.

Under the agreement, CUPIA will consolidate the gains already made since the introduction of the single window system and also help to make the system more efficient.

They will also work with ICUMS to deploy the system across West African sub-region.

Chairman of Ghana Link, Nick Danso Adjei, promised that following the signing of this agreement, the two customs outfits “shall help transform the customs landscape.”

He stated that one of the aims of Ghana Link. Is to ensure that trade is facilitated in the sub-region, and that West Africa becomes noted one of the best places when it comes to Customs work.”

In view of this, he said that Ghana link has signed an agreement to help the Gambian Customs authorities set up a similar system to the ICUMS at their port to facilitate trade in that country.

Chairman of CUPIA, Kim Yoon-Shik, said ICUMSA had been developed despite numerous challenges faced.

According to Chairman Kim, the aim of CUPIA is to contribute to the development of African countries by supporting the modernisation of their Customs administrations.

He also expressed a desire to work with Ghana Link to find ways to contribute to the development of the livelihoods of the people of Ghana.

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