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ECG Krobo District climaxes Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The management and staff of the Krobo District of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) embarked on a health walk as part of activities marking this year’s Breast Cancer Awareness month.

The month-long awareness program is spearheaded by the Power Queens Club of the power distribution company. The Club is an association of all the female staff of the organisation.

The month of October has been set aside as Breast Cancer Awareness month all over the world. Various activities are planned towards creating awareness of the disease.

Some choose various themes to mark the celebration. The encouragement of women and men to get screened remains a top awareness issue for many organisations.

In ECG, the Power Queens Club has been spearheading the month-long awareness creation on breast cancer. Across the various operational districts of the organisation, a number of activities were carried out, with opportunities for people to get screened.

The Krobo District of the ECG has been participating in this month-long awareness program.

To climax it, the management and staff of the District walked up the Acineci Mountain in Krobo. They did this alongside staff from other operational areas and supporting personnel who are aiding general work in the District.

The Acting Krobo District Manager, Ing. Christopher Apawu indicated that they had indeed taken the breast cancer awareness creation seriously and had been encouraging all staff to get screened. “We also encourage them to encourage their families and friends to get screened because it has been determined that early detection of breast cancer helps in easier management of it”. He also added that “medical diagnosis has shown that men are also at risk of the disease hence all staff were roped into the various activities and encouraged to partake in the screening processes.”

The Executives of the Power Queens Club in the District have played an active role in the month long activities.

They thanked management of the District for creating the enabling environment for them to carry on with the awareness program.

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