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EC, NDC clash over BVR kit serial numbers

Tensions have escalated between the Electoral Commission (EC) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) over the recording of serial numbers of Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) kits, sparking a heated debate over transparency and security concerns.
The conflict arose after the EC refused to release the serial numbers to the NDC, prompting the party to issue instructions to its agents monitoring the ongoing limited voters registration to manually record the serial numbers and submit them to party leadership.
While the NDC contends that recording the serial numbers is crucial for ensuring transparency in the registration process, the EC argues that granting access to the serial numbers could pose significant security threats.
In a statement, the EC explained its rationale, citing major risks to the security and integrity of the electoral system and its operations if the serial numbers were released to external parties, including political entities.
The Commission emphasized its commitment to transparency in the registration exercise and urged the opposition party to trust its measures.
The EC underscored the critical role of BVR Kits in the electoral process, emphasizing the uniqueness of their serial numbers, which are essential for generating activation codes and tracking their location and movement.
The Commission highlighted that serial numbers have never been released since the introduction of the biometric voting system in Ghana due to security concerns.
However, addressing the press at the NDC head office in Accra, National Chairman of NDC, Johnson Asiedu Nketia, challenged the EC’s stance, arguing that trust alone cannot guarantee the integrity of an election.
He emphasized the importance of acquiring the serial numbers to track and identify data emanating from specific districts or electoral areas, as well as unauthorized personnel operating BVR kits.
Mr. Nketia raised concerns about stolen BVR kits and questioned the EC’s motives for denying their request, suggesting a lack of transparency on the part of the Commission.
He called for cooperation in tracking and protecting stolen kits, accusing the EC of resistance and implying complicity in the thefts.

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