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Bawumia shares vision to transform Ghana when elected president

Vice-President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia  shares vision  and says he will build on the solid digitalisation foundation the Akufo-Addo’s Government has laid to accelerate the country’s economic growth.

He announced his own vision for Ghana, which is to see the country leverage technology, data and systems for inclusive economic growth.

“I have a compelling vision for Ghana’s future. It is possible for Ghana to be like the advanced nations if we put our minds and energies to it, he said.

Addressing party supporters after after filing his presidential nomination forms at the party headquarters, the Vice President  said “I also have my own vision for Ghana. I believe that it is time to move Ghana to the next level by building on the foundations we have put in place so far.

Highlights of the vision

“Together with you, I want to see a Ghana where we leverage technology, data and systems for inclusive economic growth.”

Dr. Bawumia then shared a summary of his vision for Ghana, and promised to share an elaborate one in his Manifesto for the 2024 elections, an indication of his confidence to be elected flagbearer by the NPP.

He wants to bridge the digital divide and apply digital technology and artificial intelligence for the transformation of healthcare, education, and public service delivery amongst others.

The Vice-President envisages Ghana with an education system tilted towards STEM, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, digital and vocational skills to cope with the demands of fourth Industrial Revolution.

He assured that his administration would ensure that the poor, vulnerable, socially excluded and the sick were given much attention and catered for.

Bawumia shares vision on Artificial Intelligence

The presidential hopeful  seeks  a Ghana where we attain food security in the shortest possible time through the application of science, data, Artificial Intelligence, Satellite, Internet of Things and irrigation to commercial farming,” he stated.

His said his government would complete the ongoing digitalization of data on all farms across the 16 regions.

Bawumia shares vision on value addition  to minerals 

Dr. Bawumia pledged to maximize the benefits from the country’s natural resources like gold and lithium through policies like, value addition and setting up of an LBMA certified gold refinery.

The aspiring presidential candidate commiited to enhance the gold for oil policy, and dedication of specific gold concessions to the Bank of Ghana to enhance its accumulation of gold reserves, he assured.

“Together with you, I want to see Ghana as an industrialized nation. I want to entrench and enhance the current strategy of industrialisation that we have embarked on and introduce new technology like digital manufacturing for the manufacturing of spare parts, syringes, and other equipment,” he said.

The Vice-Presient wants to achieve a Ghana with robust fiscal discipline in the management of our public finances to sustainably and significantly reduce interest rates.

Dr Bawumia pledged to empower the local business sector, especially the startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to drive Ghana’s investment and econimic growth.

“We will transform the SME landscape by providing unique identifiers and using technology to help them access new financing and markets,” he added.

He intends to provide incentives to the private sector to replace government in the provision of a significant amount of infrastructure and many other services.

Bawumia shares vision

His vision also includes a Ghana with a developed and efficient credit system through credit scoring by credit reference agencies by leveraging integrated databases across banks, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authoriuty (DVLA), National Identification (NIA), Digital Address systems etc. to enable workers buy furniture, cars, TVs, fridges and homes (mortgages) on credit at lower cost.

Bawumia shares vision saying  if Ghana is energy self-sufficiency at reduced cost through solar and other renewable, it can apply its market efficiency to the energy market to bolster economic growth.

“Together with you, I want to see a Ghana with an enhanced focus on private and public investment in tourism, creative arts and sports,” he added.

His works for NPP and Ghana

Dr Bawumia says he has worked very hard and served the NPP and the Government with humility, dedication and honesty and ready to lead the Party as its flagbearer into the 2024 General Election.

He said over the last 22 years, he had worked with the grassroot base of the Party, sacrificed for the Party, defended the Party in good times and in challenging times and has never wavered nor slacked.

He touted his solid track record of performance as Vice-President and unflinching loyalty to the Party and government through rain or shine.

Seeks support of delegates

“… And that is why I am offering myself, in all humility, to contest in the primaries of this phenomenal Party, the great New Patriotic Party, to become our flagbearer and Presidential Candidate for election 2024 and Insha Allah, the President of the Republic of Ghana,” he said.

He is confident that it is possible to break the eight, in order to continue with the transformational policies started under the Akufo-Addo Administration

“I am counting on your support from now through the primaries to the general election in December 2024 and beyond. By the grace of God, Insha Allah, victory will be ours,” Dr Bawumia said.

“This is a very important day in my life. From Sakasaka Primary School to Tamale Secondary School, to Oxford University, to Bank of Ghana as Deputy Governor and then to become Vice-President of the Republic of Ghana.

“It has been an amazing journey and I thank God for how far he has brought me,” he added.

His life challenges

“I have walked to school growing up in Moshie Zongo in Tamale. I have been a by-day worker on farms during holidays in secondary school, I have been a warehouse boy even after finishing university, I have been a minicab driver, I was only able to pay fees for one term during my studies at Oxford University and had to survive for the rest of my studies without paying fees, thanks to my College,” Dr Bawumia recounted.

The Vice-President said it had taken a lot of hard work, discipline and patience to be at his current position as Vice-President.

He remembered how he settled his fees, which was in arrears after completing his PhD in Canada.

“I have also been a cleaner of dormitories in my university days in Canada. So, I can say that I have not had it easy at all. But I have always believed that with hard work, honesty, discipline and faith in God, one can fulfill one’s potential,” he added.

“I care about the poor, I care about the vulnerable and the excluded.

“I care about the lepers, I care about the sick, the sickle cell sufferers and cancer patients, I care about the disabled, I care about the Kayayei, I care about street children, and I care about the unemployed amongst others,” he said.

According to Dr Bawumia, the true essence of life is to address the problems of the weakest in the society.

“I am not afraid of hard work. In fact, I enjoy hard work. My experience in life tells me that honesty and hard work pays. I worked hard for President Kufuor as Deputy Governor at BoG and I have worked hard as Vice-President in assisting the President, Nana Akufo-Addo, achieve his vision.

“Together, we started the process of transforming Ghana into a country ready for the fourth Industrial Revolution.

“I brought honesty, hard work, dedication and discipline to my role as Vice President,” Dr Bawumia stated amid clapping of hands by the gathering.

Recounts Akufo-Addo administration achievements

Notwithstanding the current economic challenges, Dr Bawumia said the government had constructed more infrastructure than any other government in the fourth republic.

He mentioned some of the transformational policies, including the mass issuance of the Ghanacard, Digital Address, Mobile Money Interoperability, Delivery of medicines by drones, One-District One-Factory, Planting for Food and Jobs, Zongo Development Fund, Agenda 111, Free TVET and Free SHS.

The aspiring flagbearer said after implementing those transformational policy initiatives, it was important that the nation did not go backwards, adding that Ghana needed to move to the next level by building on the foundations the Akufo-Addo’s Administration had put in place.

The Vice-President was accompanied by his wife, Samira, and some members of Parliament.

Supporters and sympathisers at NPP Headquarters

Some supporters and sympathisers Dr Bawumia massed up at the  NPP Headquarters early in the morning and awaited for the filing of his nomination for the NPP presidential primary.

Some of the supporters are holding banners and placards with inscriptions “Bawumia for President”, “Bawumia to break the 8″, Mr Digital Man”, ‘Zongo United for Bawumia”,”Friends of Bawumia and “Yilo Krobo for Bawumia”.

They were also in T-shirts with the portrait of Dr Bawumia on them and dancing to party songs touting the achievements of the ruling government.

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