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2,373 killed in road crashes in 2022, a decline of 20.21%

Provisional data compiled by the Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) of the Ghana Police Service (GPS) has revealed that the number of commuters killed in road traffic crashes in 2022 declined by 20.21% compared to 2021.

 2,373 killed in 2022

A total of 2,373 commuters were killed last year in road crashes compared to the 2,970 killed in 2021.

This means that deaths from road crashes declined by 597 people.

 1,860 males killed

The data also shows that 1,860 males made up of 221 below the ages of 18 and 1,639 who are 18 years and above were killed.

 513 females killed

Similarly, 513 females comprising 114 who are 18 years and below, as well as 399, aged 18 years and above, also died from road crashes.

Deaths include 682 pedestrians (28.7%)

Out of the 2,373 killed last year, 682 representing 28.7% of all fatalities were as a result of pedestrian knockdowns.

2,680 pedestrian knocked down

Pedestrian knockdowns went down by 9.86% from 2,973 in 2021 to 2,680 last year.

Motorcycles killed 974 travellers (41%)

According to the data, 974 commuters, representing 41% of all fatalities, were caused by motorcycles which have lower occupancy.

Commercial vehicles killed 805 commuters (33.9%)

Per the data, commercial vehicles killed 805 commuters, and this represents 33.9% of total fatalities.

Private vehicles killed 594 travellers (25%)

The data also revealed that 594 travellers, representing 25%, were killed by private vehicles.

15, 690 injuries recorded

The records also reveal that injuries dropped by a marginal 1.54% from 15,935 in 2021 to 15,690 last year.

7,559 (48.1%) injured by commercial vehicles

Of the 15,690 road crashes injuries in 2022, commercial vehicles recorded the highest injuries of 7559, which amounts to 48.1% of total injuries recorded.

4,352 (27.7%) injured by motorcycles

Surprisingly, motorcycles which have lower occupancy recorded the second-highest injuries totalling 4,352, which represent 27.7% of total injuries.

Even more worrying is the fact that motorcycles which have lower occupancy killed the highest number of commuters.

3,779 (24%) injured by private vehicles

Private vehicles accounted for 3,779 injuries, representing 24% of all injuries last year.

25,754 vehicles involved in crashes

Meanwhile, the total number of vehicles involved in crashes also declined from 27,616 in 2021 to 25,754 last year, representing 6.74% drop.

14,960 crashes reported

Also, the total number of reported crashes went down by 7.55% from 16,182 in 2021   to 14,960 in 2022.

5,432 motorcycles involved in crashes

The number of motorcycles that crashed dropped from 6,166 in 2021 to 5,432 last year representing 11.90% reduction.

8,645 commercial vehicles involved in crashes

In the same vein, commercial vehicles that crashed witnessed 10.54% decline from 9,665 in 2021   to 8,645  last year.





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