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2022 WASSCE: 252,502 score A1- C6 while 170,381 missed out

A total of 252,502 students who wrote the 2022 West African Senior Secondary Schools Certificate Examinations (WASSCE) obtained grades A1- C6 in the four core subjects required for admission into universities in Ghana.

Grades A1- C6 eludes 170,381 candidates

This means that 170,381 candidates failed to score grades A1- C6 and therefore missed the cut-off point for admission into universities.

Candidates had to obtain A1-C6 in three core subjects; namely, Mathematics, Integrated Science and English Language, to be considered for admission into universities in Ghana.

It is important to note that the cut-off point for admission requirements of universities in the country is grade C6.

422,883 candidates

A total number of 422,883 candidates made up of 203,753 males and 219,130 females from 977 schools entered for the examination.

This figure is 5.25% lower than the 2021 entry figure of 446,352.

2,818 absent

A total number of 2,818 (0.67%) of the candidates who registered were absent from the examination.

English language-252,502 cored A1- C6

Provisional results released by West African Examinations Council (WAEC) shows that 252,502 students representing 60.39% obtained grades A1- C6 in English language.

This is higher than 57.34% in 2020 and 54.08% in 2021.

48,495(D7), 35,735(E8), 49,873(F9)

Some 48,495 candidates scored grade D7 representing 11.59%, another 35,735 representing 8.54% obtained grade E8 while 49,873 students failed with grade F9 which represents 11.92%.

Mathematics-256,264 obtained A1- C6

For mathematics, 256,264 candidates which represent 61.39% scored grades A1- C6 which means 166,619 failed to make the grade.

This is lower than the 65.71% in 2020 but higher than the 54.11% recorded in 2021.

28,116(D7), 27,696(E8), 43,767(F9)

Per the results, 28,116 (6.73%) candidates obtained scored grade D7, 27,696 (6.63%) obtained grade E8, and 43,767 (10.48%) failed with grade F9.

Integrated science-260,335 scored A1- C6

In respect of integrated science, 260,335 candidates representing 62.45% recorded grades A1- C6 while 98,565 fell short of it.

This is higher than the 52.53% recorded in 202 but lower than the 65.70% chalked in 2021.

34,848(D7), 35,645(E8), 28,072(F9)

The results show that 34,848 (8.36%) had grade D7, 35,645 (8.55%), obtained grade E8 and 28,072 (6.73%) had grade F9 which stands for fail.

Social studies-298,327 scored A1- C6

The results for social studies shows that 298,327 constituting 71.51% of students scored grades A1- C6 and this means that 100,185 candidates fell short of the university requirements.

34,275(D7), 25,546(E8), 40,364(F9)

It means 34,275 (8.21%) obtained grade D7, 25,546 (6.12%) scored E8 while 40,364 (9.67%) had grade F9 representing fail.

Continuous improvement in social studies in 3 years

Performance of candidates at grade C6 and better in Social Studies over the three-year period (2020-2022) shows continuous improvement.

Fluctuating trend in Maths and Integrated Science

English Language, Mathematics (Core) and Integrated Science, showed a fluctuating trend in the performance of candidates over the three-year period (2020-2022).

Results of 3,845 candidates cancelled over foreign material at exams hall

The subject results of 3,845 candidates have been cancelled for sending foreign material into the examination hall.

Results of 518 candidates cancelled over mobile phones at exams hall

The entire results of 518 candidates have been cancelled for sending mobile phones into the examination hall.

Results of 117 candidates under investigations

The entire results of 117 candidates have been withheld pending the conclusion of investigations into alleged cases of impersonation detected during the examination.

Scripts of candidates from 179 schools under scrutiny

The scripts of candidates from 179 schools in certain subjects are being scrutinised for reported cases of collusion.

The withheld results of candidates may be cancelled or released based on the outcome of the investigations.

Results of 8,486 candidates not online

Following a request from the Ghana Education Service (GES), WAEC said the results of 8,486 candidates who failed to return learning support materials supplied to them and/or destroyed school property cannot be accessed online at the Council’s website.

The examination body advised affected candidates to visit their schools for their results.

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