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16,000 secure jobs through YEA Job Centre

Over the past three years, the Youth Employment Agency’s (YEA) Job Centre has achieved remarkable success, with more than 700 employers advertising 22,000 job opportunities.

Out of this, over 16,000 vacancies have been filled by job seekers who have utilized the platform since it became operational three years ago.

These include Afarinick company-4,000 workers for cocoa rehabilitation project, National Insurance Commission-6,000 insurance agents, and Blue Space-2,000 workers.

Director of Corporate Affairs at YEA Emmanuel Kwasi Afriyie, disclosed that various companies and institutions have also hired some 3,071 workers through the Job Centre.

He explained that the remaining vacancies were taken down by the companies and institutions after the deadline expires without a successful applicant.

Over 40,000 job seekers utilize platform

He disclosed that over 40,000 job seekers have utilized the platform since inception.

However, it has come to light that many applicants lack the specific skills required by employers for better-paying jobs.

Conversely, some job seekers are not interested in the vacancies available on the portal, as they do not meet their expectations.

Launched in October 2019, the YEA Job Centre is an online job portal designed to enhance employment prospects for both employers and the nation’s youth in search of meaningful work.

The platform serves as a bridge, bringing together job seekers and employers from both formal and informal sectors in one unified space.

The Job Centre offers two primary modules for job seekers: an online platform and a walk-in center for in-person assistance with employment-related matters.

A noteworthy feature of the platform is its capability to generate a professional CV for applicants, streamlining the job application process.

Mr. Afriyie reassured prospective job seekers that the platform is highly effective in connecting them with various employment opportunities.

He emphasized that the Job Centre is open to all unemployed Ghanaians, irrespective of their educational qualifications, providing opportunities for both educated and non-educated job seekers.

In addition to job listings, the YEA Job Centre provides career advice, guidance, and training sessions for institutions seeking to have their staff trained for a fee.

This comprehensive approach ensures that job seekers are not only connected with job opportunities but are also equipped with the necessary skills and support for their job search.

Mr. Afriyie affirmed that the YEA remains committed to reducing unemployment in the country and emphasized the pivotal role played by the Job Centre in this endeavor.

Around the world, countries like Australia and the United Kingdom have established similar job and skills centers to assist job seekers and employers.

These centers offer a wide range of services, including career advice, job search support, and apprenticeship guidance.

In the UK, the concept of job centers has evolved over the years, adapting to government reforms and changing economic landscapes.

The YEA’s Job Centre in Ghana represents a valuable resource in the country’s efforts to combat unemployment and create opportunities for its youth and workforce.

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